Platesetter equipment – Computer to Plate

Our newest acquisition for the prepress process was Kodak’s thermal platesetter Magnus 400 II. For the exposure of thermal aluminium plates, this machine uses an infrared laser at 830 nm wavelength, along with the external drum technology.

Technical Specifications

Maximum plate size762 mm × 685 mm
Minimum plate size228 mm × 311 mm
Maximum image size750 mm × 664 mm
Resolution1524–3048 dpi (60–120 dpm)
Line Screen Frequencymax. 250 lpi (100 lines per cm)
Rasterstochastic raster Staccato 25
Capacity24 plates per hour


Digital sheet composite

Since the Computer to Plate (CTP) technology now replaces the conventional method of exposure to individual films, where it was necessary to manually assemble the sheets required, it is now necessary to replace this old method by a digital sheet composite directly in the computer. All you need to do is provide us with source materials prepared according to our required specifications, and we will sort them out using specialized software and subsequently expose them onto printing plates using CTP.

Color Proofs

With the arrival of digital technologies in the prepress process came a request for the control of the final product through a digital proof that brings to light any potential problems in the subsequent press process. Our printing house uses a GMG proofing system which is currently the best colour management system in the market. GMG ColorProof – this colour management software system ensures the most precise way to calibrate inkjet equipment designed for the production of colour hard proofs that are closest to the final output from the printing press.

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